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We are a friendly stamping automation company and are happy to meet or contact you by phone or email to provide the right service for you. Our services include advice on stamping production and intelligent solutions for metal forming. Our goal is to get help from support staff for free, and if your consultant is, they will be able to help you. When you contact.

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Maintenance and maintenance

Ruihui's services ensure that your production equipment is always working efficiently. Ruihui will complete all necessary maintenance work according to the agreed schedule.

Equipment relocation

During the equipment inspection process, Ruihui's service experts will test the operation of the main components in your production system.

Safety inspection

We will inspect all safety-related components and consumables on the equipment in accordance with local standards and accident prevention regulations.

Preventive maintenance

Our experts have developed a equipment checklist that regularly inspects all parts of the equipment and replaces worn parts.

Remote Diagnosis

Our service technicians can connect directly to your equipment control system to find problems in the control system via remote diagnostics.

Equipment repair

When your equipment needs repair, Ruihui can provide fast and effective help. We will confirm the parts that need to be replaced and guarantee a fast delivery.

Equipment transformation

Our service technicians are willing to work closely with you to develop retrofit solutions based on your production needs to increase the productivity of your existing equipment.

Equipment optimization

We will conduct a detailed analysis of your equipment and related production processes and then propose possible optimization options.

Accompany production

Our technical service staff will teach your operators the knowledge they need to operate the equipment on the spot so that they can better operate the equipment.


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