How is the three-in-one feeder fed with high precision?

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The three-in-one feeder is an efficient, space-saving and cost-effective punching automation device, which is increasingly recognized and used in the market. There are many styles of three-in-one feeders, such as thick plate three-in-one feeder and thin plate three-in-one feeder. Although the style, type and appearance are various, the main structure is composed of two parts: the rack part and the leveling feeding part. The functional component is composed, wherein the flattening feeding part further comprises a front feeding device, a middle leveling device, a rear feeding device and the like.

Thick plate three-in-one feeder

At present, the three-in-one feeder is used in the continuous automatic stamping production with the punching machine. In order to meet the accuracy requirements, it is required to set the guiding pin in the continuous die of the punching machine to eliminate the feeding error of each time, so the three-in-one feeder is needed. With the relaxation function, after each feeding step is completed, the feeding roller needs to be relaxed to achieve repositioning of each product to eliminate the accumulated error of feeding each feeding machine.

 Thin plate three-in-one feeder

In the actual use of the three-in-one feeder, it is found that in the actual relaxation, only the relaxation and the post-relaxation can fully meet the requirements of use. The former relaxation can only be used in the three-in-one feeder feeding process, and When relaxing, if you relax before, after, and after, it is difficult to control the relaxation of the feeder to a completely uniform, and the front relaxation roller is only pressed when it is more flexible or thicker. To pinch the material.

Continuous improvement can meet the customer's increasing demand for precision. For this reason, the above-mentioned deficiencies of the existing three-in-one feeder have been improved, and the three-in-one feeder is automatically fed before the roller cylinder is automatically replaced. The valve control is changed to the manual valve control. The manual valve is installed in the manual valve control box of the feeder frame. When the front roller cylinder is in use, it is only in the material feeding process to facilitate the dragging of the material into the middle leveling device. At the time of automatic feeding, the front relaxation roller is directly lifted up without any action, which is convenient for the user to operate and ensures that the three-in-one feeder is relaxed and accurate;

Three-in-one flattening feeder

At the same time, the three-in-one feeder guide shaft is designed between the two side plates, wherein the guide shafts are provided with threads at both ends, and the sides of each side plate are respectively fixed by the nut and the guide shaft. The nut is also provided with a radial threaded through hole and a connecting screw, which avoids the occurrence of the loosening of the related parts due to the vibration of the punching machine during the use of the three-in-one feeder, and the guide plate of the side plate can be effectively guided. Positive, and in the case of error, adjust the guide shaft to eliminate the error, which truly guarantees the feeding accuracy of the three-in-one feeder.

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