Automatic three-in-one feeder step test?

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 The automatic three-in-one feeder feeds the pitch accurately, which is one of the significant advantages compared to manual feeding. After the feeder is installed in the punching machine, it is usually necessary to test the feeding step to check whether the performance is stable, and there are three test methods, which are described in detail herein.

Please pay attention to the test: the actual automatic three-in-one feeder feeding step is not allowed, it may be the reason of the feeder, it may be the reason of the mold, or it may be other external reasons, so it is necessary to use the step test without installing the mold and The step test after installing the mold is two methods to comprehensively determine.

Automatic three-in-one feeder

1. No mold is installed, single press processing test, it is not suitable for feeding of high speed roller feeder. Test method: adjust the feeding step, single-run the punching machine, feed once to mark the position after feeding, after 10 times of feeding in a single operation, cut the strip, test the value of the 10 markings to see the automatic three-in-one Whether the feeder step is accurate.

Remark: Because the high-speed roller feeder is driven by the punch output shaft, the output shaft basically has a certain gap. In the single feeding, the output shaft has a gap and the feeding is unstable. Therefore, the high-speed roller feeder is not suitable for single use. Feed mark test, but need to use multiple feeds after the comprehensive test.

2, the automatic three-in-one feeder test method without the mold, multiple stamping processing test, it is suitable for automatic three-in-one feeder equipment. Test method: adjust the feeding step, mark the material once before the initial feeding, then mark the material after using the continuous punching ten times, then return the material to the mark before the quality reliable feeding, and then re- Use the continuous feeding ten times and repeat the third marking.

Check the difference between the 3rd mark and the 2nd mark. If the difference value is within the accuracy range of the feeder, the feeding is accurate; if the difference value is greater than the accuracy range of the feeder, the feeding is not accurate.

3. After the mold is installed, the automatic three-in-one feeder feeds the product several times to check whether the product meets the accuracy requirements.

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