Three-in-one delivery failure details

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 The punching press industry is developing rapidly. There are also many manufacturers of three-in-one feeders, which compete with each other. However, a small number of manufacturers can obtain greater profits in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the three-in-one feeder, or reduce the price to compete with others. . Regardless of the quality of the machine itself, the use of inferior steel materials, low-cost accessories, etc., although the customer performance does not see any problems, waiting for a long time after the feeder is officially put into production is a very troublesome thing, many manufacturers It will be equipped with inferior air filter, poor material quality, large aperture, poor uniformity, inconsistent structure size, low filtration efficiency, and can not effectively filter harmful impurities, which will easily cause early wear of the hydraulic station motor. If the filter element does not conform to the size specifications, it will make The life of the hydraulic station motor is greatly reduced, which is not worth the loss. The following is the three-in-one feeder maintenance case that the customer encountered before choosing the RUIHUI feeder.

 The customer encountered the situation: a domestically-made brand three-in-one feeder with a hydraulic station motor was used for less than 500 hours, and the startup difficulty was encountered. After the customer started using the low-temperature starter liquid, the hydraulic station motor smoked white smoke. Powerless. The cause is as follows

 1. The hydraulic oil low-pressure oil circuit is blocked (such as hydraulic oil filter, oil inlet pipe blockage, etc.), the oil supply is not smooth, resulting in low hydraulic oil pressure;

2. Hydraulic oil pump failure, common rail oil drain;

3. Multiple injectors of the hydraulic station motor are faulty, and the spray atomization effect is poor;

4. Multiple valve wear or valve clearance is incorrect, resulting in a lack of valve closure;

5. The cylinder liner, piston and piston ring are worn, the helium gas is serious, and the cylinder pressure is insufficient after compression, which does not reach the ignition point of the hydraulic oil.

Three-in-one feeder troubleshooting process

1. Check the white smoke from the exhaust pipe, which is unburned hydraulic oil;

2. Check the machine display, and find that the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station motor is low, and the fuel injector is alarmed.

3. Replace the hydraulic oil filter and check the hydraulic oil pipeline, which has not been improved;

4. Open the hydraulic oil filler port, start the hydraulic station motor, a large amount of exhaust gas is sprayed from the fuel filler port, and the hydraulic station motor is severely suffocated. It should be the abnormal wear of the cylinder block and piston of the hydraulic station;

5. Disintegration hydraulic station motor, the quality of the gas ring on the one to six cylinder piston has been broken, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring are seriously worn, the cylinder seal is not strict, resulting in insufficient cylinder compression and can not ignite the atomized hydraulic oil, so Difficult to start, the hydraulic station motor emits white smoke.

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