The function of the three-in-one feeder to operate each button

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The three-in-one feeder operating buttons, most of which are on the servo control panel, different buttons and signals have different functions and early warning models. Here is a brief introduction to the functions of the common three-in-one feeder buttons.

1. Power switch: The knob switch that controls the power on and off, turn the power clockwise when the power is already supplied, and turn off the power when it rotates counterclockwise.

Second, the automatic mode: used to select the automatic operation mode, automatic operation can be performed in the automatic mode, and the automatic status light is on, and the automatic operation mode is automatically exited when the manual operation mode is selected.

3. Manual mode: used to select the manual operation mode. In the manual mode, various manual operations can be performed, and the manual status light is on. When the automatic operation mode is selected, the manual operation mode is automatically exited.
4. Continuous stop button: When the machine is in automatic start operation, the machine stops automatically when the button is operated.

5. Emergency stop button: used to stop the action of the feeder and the three-in-one feeder action in emergency situations

6. OK indicator: It is used to display the indicator of the working status of the feeder. When the feeder is automatically started, the OK light is on.

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