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Automatic Coil Feed Line Metal Sheet Coil Decoiler Straightener Nc Servo Roll Feeder Machine  

Material width: 70-1000

Material height: 0.6-6.0

First, from the floor space, the three-in-one feeder combines the three functions of discharging, leveling and feeding, which is the most space-saving one in th

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GUANGDONG RUIHUI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.was established in 2000, specializing in the development of more accurate feeding machines, uncoilers, straightening machines, punching peripherals, stamping peripheral equipment, punch feeders and other feeding automation equipment; creating eternal value for customers is We Ruihui people's unremitting pursuit.

Model MAC4-600H MAC4-800H MAC4-1000H MAC4-1300H
Stock Width(mm) 70~600 70~800 70~1000 70~1300
Stock Thickness(mm) 0.6~6.0 0.6~6.0 0.6~6.0 0.6~6.0
Max.Coil Weight(kg) 5000 5000 7000 10000
Max.Coil O.D.(mm) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Coil I.D.(mm) 508 508 508 508
Feed Length(mm) ~500* ~500* ~500* ~500*
Max.Line Speed(m/min) 16~24 16~24 16~24 16~24
Work Roll Number(piece) upper 6/lower 5 upper 6/lower 5 upper 6/lower 5 upper 6/lower 5
Feed Roll number(set) 1 1 1 1
Main Motor AC15.0 AC15.0 AC15.0 AC22.0
Mandrel Expansion Hydrauilc Hydrauilc Hydrauilc Hydrauilc
Reel Motor(kw) 2.2 2.2 3.7 7.5
Power(v) 3 Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air(Mpa) 0.49 0.49 0.49 0.49
*In Case Feeding length is 500mm or longer,MASTER CONTROL Funolion(Option)must be provideo.

Straigtening Performance:
Model MAC4-600H MAC4-800H MAC4-1000H MAC4-1300H
Stock Thickness
0.6 600 800 1000 1300
1.4 600 800 1000 1300
1.8 600 800 1000 1300
2.0 600 800 1000 1250
2.5 550 800 900 900
3.0 460 605 605 605
4.0 300 350 350 350
5.0 175 200 200 200
6.0 175 150 150 150
*The above flgures are the material having yield strength of 600N/mm2 max.

First, from the floor space, the three-in-one feeder combines the three functions of discharging, leveling and feeding, which is the most space-saving one in the industry of feeding and stamping production lines. The split type press production line needs to reserve the waiting area between the machine and the machine, so that the customer needs to reserve a large and long space in the layout of the factory, especially the materials above the middle plate, often the layout space requirements are about 11 meters. Even some of them need to dig a pit on the ground, and the three-in-one feeder integrates the three machines into one. The fuselage structure is compact, and the floor space is reduced by more than half compared with the traditional separate and independent stamping production line. The plant space is fully utilized, and the operator has sufficient operating space, which does not cause operational discomfort and maximizes the safety of the press processing.

Secondly, from the structural point of view, the three-in-one feeder is divided into the rack part and the leveling feeder part, and each part is added with some auxiliary parts to increase the applicability and precision of the product. Such as 1, hydraulic station; 2, pneumatic disc brakes; 3, expansion and contraction mechanism; 4, support arm; 5, press arm: 6, limit arm; 7, feed pressure arm; 8, guide mechanism; 9, leveling device; 10, export material handling device; 11, worm gear box; 12, loading trolley; 13, shearing board function; 14, oil supply device. Although the split type can also be installed with these functions, but it is an optional device in the split type, the special customized unit price is almost the same as the three-in-one flattening feeder, but it is not so easy to use, and the connection is not so smooth. 80% of the functions in the Yiyi three-in-one feeder are standard equipment. Customers save a lot of unnecessary understanding.

Third, from the precision point of view, three-in-one is better than two-in-one, because the three-in-one feeder is directly into the mold after leveling, and the two-in-one is first corrected and then fed. After the material arc, the leveling will still be there. Some changes, although not affecting the quality, but the operation is not so convenient; but if you send a very thin material, the two-in-one is better than the three-in-one.


RUIHUI founded in 2000,
the technology of automation periphery is from Japan and Germany, and using high standards of principle in the parts selection, for assembly process and spare parts, adhere to the requirements in accordance with the original design standard, and into each manufacturing process.

Now, RUIHUI has 280 employees and annual output value can be 30 millions USD. In 20 years RUIHUI has accumulated experience and excellent design ability under Japanese engineers guidance. RUIHUI became highly responsible and strong in executive and well-known auto parts manufacturer. All of these allowed RUIHUI reach the top notch in  industry.

1.  Pre-Sales Service:We have professional designers to meet the different requirement of our customers.
2. After-Sales service:We have an efficient team to meet 24*7 all day service.
3. Full-Service:Actively cooperate with customers to deal with problems in equipment using.
4. Engineers can provide service machinery overseas.
Why choose Ruihui's products?

1st,We have a high level of technical research and development team;
2nd,We can provide the design and planning of the whole plant to realize the turnkey project;
3rd, our philosophy: quality is the social responsibility;
4th,our products have been recognized by the market, in the major automotive OEM, home appliance industry, hardware industry has been applied;
5th,We have a highly effective after-sales service team and get customer approval.


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