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Decoiler Straightener Feeder, Steel Coil Feeder, Metal Coil Feeder  

Material width: 50-400

Material height: 0.3-3.2

The three-in-one feeder has a wider application range and can process thick plates and high-strength metal thick plate materials that cannot be processed by the

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The three-in-one feeder has a wider application range and can process thick plates and high-strength metal thick plate materials that cannot be processed by the split stamping production line. It is suitable for feeding and correcting various metal sheets. As long as the split stamping production line is suitable for thin plate and medium plate materials below 4.0mm, once the thickness is thick and the material rigidity is large, it cannot be processed and produced. Therefore, many customers can only use the purchased sheet and manually feed the material. The method of stamping production, and the appearance of the stamping three-in-one feeder has fundamentally solved this processing problem. The maximum servo material thickness can reach 8mm, and it can be applied to the processing and production of various high-strength plates. The processing of sheet materials can also be automated.

The three-in-one feeder also has the advantage of high precision. The split stamping production line consisting of a single material rack, servo machine and feeder is a completely separate three equipment, and there is a waiting area between each equipment, which makes even if each equipment is equipped with frequency conversion. The operation and matching of the device can not be completely synchronized. In the end, the accuracy of servo and feeding will be affected more or less. The three-in-one feeding machine integrates the rack, servo and feeding into one machine, making the machine The collocation achieves complete synchronization, and the control of the PLC closed-loop system truly ensures the servo feed accuracy.

The three-in-one feeder adopts imported core components, perfect lubrication system, and self-testing procedures, and the failure rate is extremely low. The whole core components of the stamping three-in-one feeder are imported from Germany and Japan, such as Yaskawa servo motor and driver, Mitsubishi PLC, Omron Optoelectronics, Schneider's circuit breaker, NSK bearings, etc., and the perfect lubrication system and With self-testing program, the machine wears very little, the failure rate is extremely low, and the maintenance is very simple.

Model MAC2-400
Stock Width(mm) 50-400
Stock Thickness(mm) 0.3-3.2
Max.Coil Weight(kg) 3000
Max.Coil O.D.(mm) 1200
Coil I.D.(mm) 508
Feed Length(mm) ~500*
Max. Line Speed(m/min) 16-24
Work Roll Number(pieces) upper 6/lower 5
Feed Roll Number(set) 1
Main Motor AC2.9
Mandrel Expansion hydraulic
Reel Motor(kw) 1.5
Power(V) 3 Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air(Mpa) 0.49



RUIHUI founded in 2000,
the technology of automation periphery is from Japan and Germany, and using high standards of principle in the parts selection, for assembly process and spare parts, adhere to the requirements in accordance with the original design standard, and into each manufacturing process.

Ruihui specializes in manufacturing all kinds of stamping production peripheral equipment, feeder, automatic feeder, punch feeder, leveling machine, precision leveling machine, leveling machine, feeder, automatic feeder, servo feeder, high speed roller feeder Three-in-one feeder, air feeder, two-in-one rack and leveling machine, uncoiler, heavy material rack, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

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